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George MeeseGeorge has been involved in the Habitat mission since the 1990s during his career as Professor Emeritus of Rhetoric and director of Writing, at Eckerd College from 1987-2011. During his time at Eckerd College, he volunteered alongside students several times following invitations from another long time volunteer, Tom Oberhofer. After retiring in 2012, he continue his volunteerism with Habitat and has been a part of the Weekday Warrior team since 2016.

George wanted to get involved with the mission of Habitat because he had some amateur-level skills that he thought might help people – and that’s all it takes to be a volunteer! “Habitat has taught me how to make those better and more effective.”

Throughout his time as a volunteer, George has enjoyed working on build sites alongside “wonderful people and gentle supervisors who teach kindly and encourage everyone.”

His favorite memories are from home dedications and the first time a child showed him their room – “her first “own room” ever in her life”.

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