“As a disabled Veteran, I am honored to be a recipient of this phenomenal program.”

John, a Veteran of the U.S. Air Force, is ready for his homeownership journey with the Habitat program. John has two sons and a grandson. One of whom lives with John to be an aid for him, as he was injured in Vietnam and is now disabled.

Five years ago, John was excited to move into a senior home complex that guaranteed security and on-site management staff who would care for the residents. Overtime the staff was replaced resulting in many issues. The security of the building has been reduced, causing John to not feel safe where he lives. Maintenance requests take months to be completed, and rent has increased in the middle of the lease. The staff has been cut by 50%, and the remaining members are very un-cooperative in many instances.

Being a disabled veteran, John is excited to have many opportunities in his new home to live a safer and better lifestyle. The home will not only be affordable, but it will fit his needs. It will allow him to “age in place” and have a forever home that he can pass on to his family. He will be able to hang the American flag proudly and show his veteran status. “I am happy to be able to have family stay overnight and have the opportunity to now have a service dog. I will be honored to be a recipient of this phenomenal program.”

John has been involved with Habitat long before his acceptance into the program. “When I owned a home improvement business, I routinely used to contribute windows and doors to Habitat, because they helped so many different types of people.”

“My Habitat Home will allow me to build a better life for myself, and my family. The Habitat model brings people together where everyone has the opportunity of a decent place to call home.”

John is a partner with our Veterans Build in Pasco County. Through these specialty builds, we team up with military and veteran families, volunteers and community organizations to build a home for a veteran who served our country proudly. John is the third veteran to become a homeowner through this program and will soon be a new homeowner in Town & Country Villas.

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