“For first time in my life, I will never have to move again.”

Mechelle Simmons is a CNA at East Bay Rehab who raised four children all on her own. Now that her kids are grown and have left the nest, she is finally ready to take the next step towards homeownership with Habitat. Mechelle describes herself as a very kind person. “I try to help people when I can. I don’t have a bad bone in my body. I love my family and friends AND I try to get along with everybody at home and at work. I’m not perfect in any way, but I try my hardest.”

The last apartment that Mechelle had lived in was not ideal. There were a lot of mold and leakage problems. The apartment was not safe enough for her grandchildren to visit. She says “I can’t wait until I can have them spend the weekend, or maybe the summer, with grandma.” On top of that, her landlord wanted to sell the property and because rent prices are so high elsewhere, she would not have anywhere to move. She took the chance on Habitat and applied for the homeownership program, where she was happily accepted! ” I never thought I would qualify for the program. I worked hard cleaning up my credit and paying my bill on time. This is something that I always dreamed of which I thought was out of my reach. When I left the office and found out that I got accepted, my hands could not stop shaking and I could not stop crying. My prayers paid off.”

Moving into her new forever home will give Mechelle a huge sense of accomplishment. “I am looking forward to the day I come home from work, put my keys on my counter, having my grandchildren stay the weekend, and having a dog. I haven’t had a pet since my children were young. Last but not least, I look forward to having my own washer and dryer which I have never had before.”

Many of Habitat for Humanity’s homeowners shop at the Habitat ReStore for their furniture. Habitat ReStores are nonprofit retail centers where new and gently used building materials and home furnishings are sold at discounted prices. The ReStores are our solution for turning these donations, from generous and environmentally concerned individuals and businesses, into money to build homes for families. If you are interested in learning more about shopping, donating, or volunteering at our Restores, please check out the ReStore Page on our website.

“To anyone who read this: I was afraid and didn’t think that this could happen to me. Please don’t be afraid. You will not be sorry, I promise.”

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