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“It will give us the chance to do the things we have never been able to do before! I have something to pass down to my son!”

Najah Francis is on her journey to home ownership, where she plans to provide a better environment for her son Hajan (her name spelled backwards – how cool!)

“My family is very small just myself my son and our dog ocean! We love to have family time and cook and and bake together. My son is doing virtual school now and I am working from home most of our day is spent cramped in his room which is the mini office as of now! We also love to do art! I do like to paint and draw as well.” says Najah.

However, bearing a positive outlook things haven’t always been so easy for her and her family. As Najah describes:

“Me and my son have been in very rough situations renting from family members. We lived in homes that had every thing from mold and rats to the roof falling (my son has bad allergies and asthma) so that was not fun having to deal with that!” In addition to living conditions not meeting adequate standards, she has often had to fight to keep her rental costs from rising.  Although facing adversity, Najah seemed to find personal growth through her struggles – “It has been a difficult road for us but I am blessed because it has humbled me as a person.”

Finally given the news of her acceptance into the Habitat program she described her excitement:  “I was so excited I cried! Jack called me while I was working right before Christmas and all I could think to myself was “This is the best gift ever”! I was more so excited to finally have a chance to have a stable place to call home!”

I imagine life being a lot less stressful not having to pick between moving and having to go through the motions. I will have more stability and comfort in knowing this home is mine! I don’t have to worry about rent going up! I believe my future for myself and my family will be bright! It will give us the chance to do the things we have never been able to do before! I have something to pass down to my son! I can’t wait to create memories in our home that will last a lifetime!

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