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“I am building because for years I have been trying to give us a stable, safe place to call home, and this opportunity is giving us our forever home to grow in and build those special lifelong memories.”

Brianna Clayton is a bartender at Buffalo Wild Wings and a student at St. Petersburg College. She is a single mother to her five-year-old daughter, Paisley. “I would describe myself as strong yet empathetic, hard-working, determined, reliable, loving, and joyful person,” Brianna tells us. “Paisley definitely seems to follow in the same path as me, she is very energetic, loyal, loving, and a natural born little fearless leader.” Paisley loves to dance, sing, and play soccer. She is very imaginative and loves to play pretend with her princesses and Barbies. She also loves the outdoors and going on nature walks to look at trees and insects or playing by the pool or the beach.

Brianna and Paisley, along with many other families in our community, struggled to find an affordable living situation once COVID hit and rent prices began to skyrocket. Thankfully, Brianna’s father offered to let the two stay with him in order to save up for an affordable home. They are currently living in one bedroom of his home and find it to be cramped and crowded. ” Although we are very grateful for him taking us in, it is very hard for us being in that house with so many other people and animals and being cramped in one room and bed together. It will be really nice to have our own space to call home and some clean, peace and quiet to come home to.”

“I am looking most forward to making the home ours, having our own rooms again. Being able to let her play in the backyard, cooking meals together again. Making memories and having a safe, happy calm space for her to grow up in.”

Many of our homeowners, such as Shana and Paisley, purchase their furniture from our Habitat ReStores, where new and gently used building materials and home furnishings are sold at discounted prices. If you are interested in donating, shopping, or volunteering at our ReStores, please check out our ReStore Page on our website for more information.

“My house will be a place of safety, peace, and love for Paisley to grow up in.”

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