“My life and future will be different with a Habitat home for my family as It will provide affordability and stability. Our future will be successful due to the program.” 

Tequila “Quilla” Caldwell has worked in the Healthcare & Social Services fields over the past 15 years. Tequila, is also continuing her education and is currently seeking to finish her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Safety Administration. She describes herself as a hard-working mother who loves her family immensely, She is extremely devoted to becoming a successful homeowner and making her children, Sanna & Eric, proud.   

“My housing situation has been difficult due to the increased rental costs and availability, which were very expensive and unaffordable. I prayed for a change in our lives and a home that is called ours.” 

Finally, Tequila’s prayers were answered when she completed her application and was accepted into the program! “When I first found out Habitat for Humanity approved my application, I was filled with hope and I am very happy for this opportunity.” 

“I’m looking forward to the children’s smiles and happiness due to our new home and a new start! Home is where all the love and beautiful hearts are placed. Habitat for Humanity is a blessing!”

“To anyone looking to go through this program, keep pushing and don’t give up on your home!” 

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