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Today’s Graduate Spotlight is Maliyah who is graduating this year from Acres of Fun Elementary School. Join us in congratulating Maliyah on this major accomplishment!

Ten-year-old Maliyah will soon be transitioning from elementary school into middle school! Middle school can be a big change for many children, but we know Maliyah will have a lot of fun, meet tons of new friends, and learn so many new things. Maliyah’s favorite subject in school is mathematics and when she grows up she wants to become a veterinarian because of her love for animals. Over the summer, she is looking forward to hanging out with her friends.

“Education is extremely important to me as I wasn’t very great at it growing up,” says Maliyah’s mother and current Habitat Homeowner Candidate, Chastity. “Now as an adult, I’m back in school to better my life for my children. My prayer is they can see what I went through in life and use my mistakes as guidance in their own lives. School is important and knowledge is power!”

“My life’s purpose is to invest in my children’s future in all aspects of life, including mentally, emotionally and of course, financially!”

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